Vegetable Box Making Machine

The middle speed printer, slotter and die cutter is an economically designed machine that performs high efficiency and high precision functions for cardboard packaging manufacturing.

Paper Feed Unit
The paper feed unit uses a frequency inverter controlled vacuum system to convey the paperboard into the machine for further processing. The computer controlled system is highly intuitive and helps save energy through efficiency settings and provides additional stability.

Printing unit
The printing unit of the printer, slotter and die cutter is a multi-component system that is equipped with two printing rollers and an anilox roller along with an inking device that all work together to apply high quality prints on the surface of cardboard packaging.

Slotting unit
The slotting unit is designed using high quality steel for a long working life with maximum slotting precision. The cast iron body of the unit adds to the machine's stability and durability.

The die cutter roller
The die cutter roller features a 432.36mm diameter, not including the cutting die itself. The unit has a cutting height of up to 25.4mm and can cut to a thickness of 16-18mm (three layer board, 13-15mm (five layer board).

Free plate fixtures
The die cutting unit is fitted with components that are quickly swapped and it is configured to create conventional carton boxes without templates.