Paper Tube Make Machine

Main technical parameter
1.Tube diameter : Φ50-Φ200㎜ thickness: 2-15㎜ speed: 0-15m/min(according the paper class and size
of the tube speed different)
4.paper cut length: 1-4m
5.motor power: main motor 11KW cutter 0.75KW
6.control way: inverter
7.tranmission model: reduce and chain transmit
8.cut model: infrared control, auto track cutting
9.cut error: even speed 2 mm
10.belt: the annular canvas belt 2pcs
11.shaft for curl tube: Φ76㎜ (1piece)
12.glue stand: spring model glue stand (25ply paper standard)
13.paper stand: movable lifting stand (25 ply standard)
14.bottom stand: pneumatic stand (standard)