Using ground gears the die-cut machine enables ultra-quiet running and high print accuracy, able to apply three colors to the corrugated box in a single run. As of late, we’ve introduced a new high-speed printing machine with all tools being controlled through a simple PLC computer screen.

Priced a little lower than our die-cut printer, this little job is more suitable for small to medium run box making business.

With this slotting machine, slots are cut on the board blanks to provide flaps. Using electrical control, the machine is easy to use and maintain all while delivering consistent slotting results.

A box making system is not complete without a stacker, which allows box blanks of any size to be stacked neatly in a pile on the pallet.

Fully automatic flute laminator machine applies color-printed linerboard facing to the fluted medium, running at a speed of 200 corrugated boards per minute.

Utilizing the semi-automatic gluing machine, box blanks of various sizes and styles are glued into final shapes.

Box blank widths ranging between 160mm and 1100mm when fully extended can be run on this fully automatic gluing machine.

Using a photoelectric sensor, the box gluing machine enables an automatic rise and lowering of the platform for stable and safe operation.

Using a microprocessor control system, the semi-automatic die cutter cuts corrugated boards to lengths in a fast and precise mode.

The creaser slitter makes creases while cutting sheets to length. Quality sliding bearings are constructed of premium-grade copper alloys for excellent resistance to wear and vibration

The single facer is typically used to bind the fluted medium to one single layer of linerboard facing.

The double facer features a rigid framework made of high-strength steel beams for vibration-free operation when running at high speed.

Our 2 ply corrugated board production line is also referred to as a single facer line. The single facer line is composed of a paper roll stand, a single facer unit and a paper cutting unit.

Our paper tube making machines take paperboard sheets and tightly roll them into tubes, while applying glue to keep the structure intact. Paper tubes are commonly used cardboard packages that can be used for a variety of shipping and storage purposes.

The cardboard box folder gluer machine is a multifunctional component that performs the final stage of box production. Our folder gluers apply a coat of glue to the flap of cartons and fold them into place for a solid hold.

The high quality printing system of the printer slotter and die cutter features several roller components including a ceramic anilox roller, an embossing roller and a metal and rubber roller component. These rollers features a dynamic adjustment system that allows for excellent printing quality for your packaging materials.

This semi-automatic printer die cutter completes both printing and die cutting functions in order to produce cartons in one continuous process. The equipment features prefabricated numerical control for maximum precision during operation.

The single facer is the primary piece of equipment used in the production of corrugated paperboard. The fingerless single facer features a vacuum suction component that greatly increases production precision.

The middle speed printer, slotter and die cutter is an economically designed machine that performs high efficiency and high precision functions for cardboard packaging manufacturing.

The partition slotter is a corrugated cardboard machine that forms slots in cardboard boxes that can then be filled with specially cut partition pieces in the partition assembler.

The YMJ series of semi-automatic rotary die cutter is a newly developed die cutting machine designed for the carton making industry. The equipment is built to slot, cut, trim and drill paperboard sheets during production.

1.Tube diameter : Φ50-Φ200㎜ thickness: 2-15㎜

The automatic rotary die cutter rolls are produced using 30mm thick high quality steel with a hard chrome plating. The roller cylinder features automatic separation devices to reduce wear.

The partition slotter is a corrugated cardboard machine that forms slots in cardboard boxes that can then be filled with specially cut partition pieces in the partition assembler.