Baiying Profile

It is time to get serious about packing solutions. Nobody likes to think about boxes, but we really need them….to put stuff in. And when you’re in need of great quality, competitively priced packaging manufacturing machines your best bet is Baiying Carton Machinery. We produce a vast array of packing machines, including: the die cutter, creaser slitter, gluing machine, slotting machine, printing machine, and corrugating machine.

If you require custom solutions, have any product question or want to know the status of your order, you can rest assured as our English-speaking international sales reps are both friendly and possess extensive product knowledge. Feel alone in your love for box-making system? Please don’t. Each year we sell over 50 sets of medium to long run box-making machines to foreign customers in more than 40 countries and regions across the globe, including India, Australia, and Russia.