The high-speed printer is a giant machine that occupies an area of about 100m2. It is commonly used by large and medium-sized companies.

    The printing machine is designed with a chain-belt driven sheet feeder. It can print about 50 sheets per minute and provide the power of two-color printing at just a single pass.

    The slotting machine is normally used to produce non-printed paperboards.

    Controlled by a separate motor, the auto stack module is capable of stacking all boxes that have been processed by a printing machine.

    This automatic flute laminator is used for laminating color-printed paper and corrugated boards at a speed of 200 sheets per minute.

    We use this machine to glue various sizes of box blanks into final shapes. To achieve a high degree of automation, the machine is designed with a continuous sheet feeder and controlled by PLC system.

    The fully automatic carbon gluing machine can handle a carton width ranging from 160mm to 1,100mm when fully extended.

    To ensure an extremely safe and stable operation, the semi-automatic box gluing machine utilizes a photoelectric sensor that enables an automatic rise and lowering of a platform.

    The semi-automatic die cutter is microprocessor-controlled to realize an automatic operation. It comes with a human-machine interface that allows all status and faults to be displayed on a touch screen for troubleshooting.

    The creaser slitter is ideal for cutting documents, business cards, photos, invitations and plastic materials etc.

    The single facer is mainly used to produce corrugated boards. Its moving parts are lubricated with oil for noise reduction.

    Constructed using high-strength steel beams, the double facer can offer a robust structure, an aesthetically pleasing exterior and a fast working speed.

    The single-face corrugated board production line is mainly divided into four parts: pressing, slitting, paper collection and cutting.

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